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About the author, Steven Carr




Since I am not a medical doctor, below is some information re scientific background and inclination:



Early years in the UK, followed by family move to Australia.


Secondary school in Adelaide.  Dux of school; and Dux of Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Advanced Maths & other subjects

Attended the University of Adelaide, graduating with First Class Honours in Science (summa cum laude equivalent).


The choice was to then go directly into business, and to pursue other interests, rather than to enter Medicine, a PhD, or other postgrad study.


Hopefully the information on this site will be utilised to provide significant benefit to atrial fibrillation sufferers. But given the large amounts of unreliable material on the internet, it is therefore necessary to provide all possible information which could be relevant to this site's credibility. It therefore may be relevant to mention that, prior to all three obtaining their medical degrees and becoming doctors, my three children each achieved 100% rankings in the Australia-wide “Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test”** which is required for all medical degree candidates in Australia, and that my son Stuart topped the entire 30,000 medical candidates, nationwide, both overall in that test and in the separately-graded “Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving” section. Each was a year younger than the mean age of candidates for that exam. All three also achieved overall (ie multi-subject) rankings within the top few individual positions in their university-entrance examinations, taking Calculus, Physics, Chemistry etc: Newspaper article


Despite my own decision to follow pathways other than Medicine, early success in business and investment has always left me free to keep continuously up to date in science as one interest, and this has always included a large amount of the latest medical research.


My wife Helen and I have been married for forty years. We have three children, all of whom are practising medical doctors.


**Serving the same function as the MCAT test in the USA.

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