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Comparison of my approach with other non-medical, non-surgical attempts to treat LAF




There are several approaches to attempting to treat LAF with a variety of supplements. These are rarely very successful in the long run. For example, there are some reports of reductions of attacks with very large doses of magnesium (which no doubt acts via some sort of “substitution effect” in place of the chemically similar calcium which is deleterious in atrial fibrillation), but this approach fails the great majority of people.


Possibly more importantly, there is no way that the addition of very large amounts of any supplement to one's diet can possibly be considered “natural”. There is no likelihood that humans are specifically evolved, genetically, to consume large, pure amounts of magnesium, potassium or virtually any other supplement. In cases of consumption of any such single supplement, atrial fibrillation sufferers are clearly pushing the body’s metabolic responses in unknown directions, with possibly adverse long-term consequences.


In contrast, the fact that modern diets and lifestyles differ from Palaeo-level intakes of calcium, vitamin D and wild-type fruits in exactly the way sought to be corrected on this site, gives great plausibility to the prospect that this protocol gets more to the root of the problem, rather than applying a supplement “band aid” to a metabolic problem that the body is suffering. If a protocol can be found which is more in tune with the body’s natural requirements, and which is likely to be very much in line with the results of millions of  years of evolution, then it is a preferable method.


The diet discussed on this site has required zero intake of supplements for several years of complete success, unless vitamin D is considered as a “required” supplement. But the latter can be supplied naturally by sunlight, and for a while I employed that method perfectly successfully. Capsules are simply easier; but there are no supplements which are “required”.


Consuming significant amounts of berries per day is also extremely-much in line with the typical Palaeo (hunter-gatherer) lifestyle that every single one of our ancestors, for 99.8% of human existence, experienced. That is how they spent their day: foraging for animal protein and for berries or other similar-sized fruits which were invariably sour and/or bitter by modern standards. Cranberries have been consumed for several tens of thousands of years in Europe and Asia, and for at least 14,000 years in North America, with no reports of adverse effects.


I have not been able to locate any other reports of elimination of atrial fibrillation with just a balanced diet and zero supplements usage, which gives considerable hope that my diet is genuinely getting at the underlying issues and therefore provides the most harmless of all possible ways to deal with the problem. There is also the likelihood, in achieving the otherwise completely remarkable goal of totally eliminating such an untreatable and relentlessly worsening condition as LAF, that this protocol is very close to the way we are meant to be eating; very close to the somewhat elusive creature that is referred to as the Palaeo diet; and therefore highly promising in terms of seeking optimum health generally! This would especially seem highly feasible in the case of diseases which have a major component related to calcium metabolism, like osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

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