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Having created this website to help others cure themselves of a serious medical condition by healthy diet alone, it is apparent that web page creation is somewhat addictive. Items may be added here from time to time on other topics which seem of possible interest, or underappreciated, like these few to start:


















































Original photos of the extremely endangered Macrotis lagotis. (Click each photo to enlarge)










Startled by the vehicle, the Macrotis bolted for their burrows at maximum speed, and these first pictures ...




Rocks so loaded with diamonds that they could destroy the diamond price.

In the Beni Bousera Massif in Morocco, there are huge deposits of rock in which impressive octahedral diamond crystals, as large as two centimetres across, made up 15% of the volume. This is 100,000 times as rich as the diamond-bearing material that is obtained in existing mines. What’s the story?




The amazing Roman roads. Treasure in the garden?

For anyone in Europe who happens to live alongside an ancient Roman road, it transpires that dreams such as those which their children may have, of digging for and finding buried treasure, are not a pure fantasy in such a situation. A few years ago, the largest, most valuable hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold, silver and jewelled items ever found was unearthed next to a Roman road. Many other similarly-located finds are made near these ancient roads. Why?




A remarkable thing: while we all flew overhead in jumbo jets, in this very modern nation, the last uncontacted tribal Aboriginal groups still roamed the easily observable deserts below!

In 1977, Warri and Yatungka were found in the Gibson Desert. In 1984, a group of nine Pintupi people also left this desert, finally ending the nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle in Australia.




Some other places and things which may get addressed when time permits: Baku, Cuba, Sukhumi, the Boka Kotorska, Tahiti, the centre of Lake Eyre (the only place where everything one can see is perfectly flat in all directions -- weird feeling), Aldridge, Grammar, the Simpson Desert, Modbury, Cooper and Jordan, school, Tbilisi, Adelaide, Australia, New Guinea, university. Some over-rated places: Kakadu, Sydney, various Polynesian islands, Witton, LA,  ...




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Stephen Carr Australia, Steven Carr Australia, Steve Carr Australia

Perth: A place with a seriously wonderful climate, receiving more daily hours of full sunshine than all other major Australian cities -- which is great for exercise habits (nine hours, on average, of full sunshine every day!). In addition, humidity in summer is, along with Adelaide, much lower than the other cities, but Perth is much sunnier and several degrees warmer than Adelaide in winter. Remarkably, even the rain falls two-thirds at night! It’s an ideal-sized, “green” city, with rare traffic problems and yet a world-top-100 university. The wonderful river is within easy reach of all -- dolphins often cruise alongside where I jog, and past the end of our garden! Perth is an underappreciated gem -- every day is a holiday!



Click map to enlarge.










Moscow: Travel inevitably leads to comparisons, so these two same-scale maps of European and Australian travels provoke various lines of thought. The question of the most interesting destination arises. For me, despite many varied adventures elsewhere, that destination has been Russia and Moscow, especially during the Communist Era. Why?








Click map to enlarge.

Stephen Carr Australia, Steven Carr Australia, Steve Carr Australia
Stephen Carr Australia, Steven Carr Australia, Steve Carr Australia
Stephen Carr Australia, Steven Carr Australia, Steve Carr Australia
Stephen Carr Australia, Steven Carr Australia, Steve Carr Australia
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